I wish I was good at art, but in no way, shape, or form am I. However I’m quite lucky to have arty friends, who keep me up to date with it.

Upon my return home after a long visit to see my boyfriend in London, I was invited to my friends art show. It was at the College of Art and Design and it was an exhibition for the students to display their work. Megan has been studying a foundation degree in art, in September she is (sadly) going to Manchester to continue studying! Anyway I know Meg is really good at art, in college I saw all her work and it just seems to be getting better. I didn’t realise, but the work the students had done was up for sale, and Meg’s canvas was worth £100!

Heres a sneaky photo of Meg and her canvas



Also another of my close friends is very artistic, however this time in photography. Evie has a natural flare for taking photos and making them look GOOD. I’ve been a model for her photography work before and it was so fun, but also I was surprised at how good the photos looked afterwards!

This is Evie’s website for her photography, please make sure you check it out. It’s honestly brilliant

and this is a taster of her work!




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