So, this week I thought I’d give Pinterest a try. At first I didn’t really know what it was, just looked like somewhere to look at nice pictures (which it is), but then I decided to really give it a go. First of all it is SO easy to use, when first creating an account the website takes you through a step by step of how to use it, so you learn as you do. Which I think is fantastic.

I found that people plan their weddings on there, which is a brilliant idea as it has DIY/crafts that can make a wedding much more economical. It has how to’s on making your own invites and even cake decorations.

So as I got drawn in further I realised that it was a brilliant way to organise thoughts. For example, you can find recipes and put them in a ‘pin board’ which is much like a mood board, but digital- and better. I have been addicted all week, pinning all sorts from hair styles to places I’d like to travel.


This is my Pinterest page, full of my own ideas and taste. Also you can sign up with Facebook to avoid having passwords and emails galore.

All in all I really think this is a good website idea, however I think it is mainly going to attract women as men aren’t really bothered with organising their thoughts (at least I don’t think they are). I’m going to keep Pinning so follow me if you wish;


2 responses to “Pinterest…

  1. Wow….. am so glad you gave it a try….my beauty shop and a bridal shop am working on back hia in Nairobi Kenya is all there.And just to save you all the ardous pinning try out some of these pinning tools to make the experience even better—-Pingroupie to find the most followed boards according to your niche,Pinstamatic to help create some stunning pictures and Pinvolve to link up Facebook and Pinterest and Tailwind to schedule pins……check out my board on… entire blog is there in picture form

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