Simple Stuff

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been experimenting with the Simple Skincare range. I’ve always been a fan of the Simple wipes in the green packet which are designed to remove make-up and cleanse the skin. They seemed to soothe my skin and not leave them dry and tight like many other make-up removing wipes I’ve tried before.

I had funnily enough ran out of wipes and ventured over to my Sainbury’s Local to buy some more, but to my horror I couldn’t find any at all! However I did find a 3 for 2 offer and thought 3 Simple products; the moisturising facial wash, purifying cleanser and the eye make-up remover for £6 was a bargain. So I thought why not. Since then I’ve been forming a facial skincare routine which I’ve never really done before. I also invested in the light moisturiser, revitalising eye roll-on and the radiance wipes.

I’ve been using the facial wash every morning and my sensitive skin hasn’t blown up so far, which I would take as a very good sign. My face does feel a bit tight after I use it but it usually does after I’ve washed my face with water anyway. And I’m a regular moisturiser so this isn’t really a problem for me in the long run.

I used the cleanser a few times and really loved it as its creamy formula, which left my face feeling soft and not tight whatsoever! Also you don’t need a lot of this product to go very far at all, so it will probably last me quite a while.

The eye make-up remover works very well too. I’ve never used a specific eye makeup-remover before as I’ve always been happy with wipes, but this stuff really works! It doesn’t leave smudgy marks around my eyes like wipes sometimes do, you just need to leave the cotton pad on the eye to work its magic for about 30 seconds and its done. I’m really impressed with this product although I haven’t used it as much as I’ve not been using make-up very often recently.

I’m majorly impressed with the revitalising eye roll-on as it is SO cooling and soothing I can’t believe it. I sometimes get eczema around my eye area and think this will be so calming for it, it also feels slightly moisturising as well which is a big plus, obviously. Also in the hot weather I can see this becoming a regular application just to cool my eyes and stop them feeling so tired.

The wipes are obviously a favourite of mine, so when I saw the radiance wipes I thought, well I may as well try them out as well. I am not regretting that decision, at all! They remove any make-up I’m wearing like the previous wipes I’ve had from Simple, and make my face feel fresh. But these have an added bonus of making my skin look a bit healthier. I thought it wouldn’t really work, but after using the wipes every night before bed I’ve noticed my skin looks healthier and happier. All in all a brilliant experiment.

Lastly, the light moisturiser. I usually stick to the moisturiser I love; the Eucerin one from my previous post. However I thought it was becoming a bit heavy in the summer weather, especially since we’ve had a nice summer for once this year. My skin has been a bit confused by the nice weather so I was a bit hesitant to go lighter, but I didn’t want the heaviness. Although it hasn’t really moisturised my skin as well as I thought it has still managed well. I have a few dry patches but I think that’s due to weather change and me exposing my skin to all these new products at once. So I won’t write it off and I’ll keep using it as I’ve heard good things about it and it hasn’t irritated my skin which other products probably would.

I now LOVE the Simple Skincare range and will definitely be continuing to use them and expanding my collection. I found that the shop Savers have lots of Simple Skincare for a discounted price (which is good for students like me, or people who like a bargain). So will be buying it from there from now on!




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