August Ending

As the summer waves goodbye and we say hello to crispy leaves and colourful trees in the autumn, the weather changes from warm(ish) to a bit chilly and much more English. This is a time of year I look forward to as it’s not too hot but it’s not quite fully cold. Plus I love crunching the leaves that have fallen off the trees and onto the floor.
However this also gives the females chance to re-vamp their wardrobes. Which let’s face it, we all love in the end. Not only is the changing season a chance for us to grab some summer sale items for next year (or if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on an exotic holiday) but also to get the new seasons ‘must haves’.
What does ‘must have’ really mean? I’m never quite sure what it means as everyone has different styles anyway!
I went shopping briefly with my Mum as I really needed some new clothes, and typically I just buy what fits as I’m not a trend follower; mainly because they seem to change too fast for me to keep up and I don’t have a trim figure that a lot of clothes are designed for these days. That and I just seem to wear a LOT of black. It’s easy and simple, goes with everything, and doesn’t show the dirt as much haha! Also because it’s said to be slimming and I’m not very body confident, at all.
So as I’m obviously not a trend setter or follower, I never know what to wear or buy.
I went shopping and bought a few items, my Mum said I wasn’t allowed any black (much to my dismay), but I kind of got round that.
I’m not sure if my new clothes come under new season or just simply my new clothes but here they are, and I like them;
This is my new ‘scuba’ dress, I’m not sure why it’s called that other than it feels like a wet suit? I’m not sure when I’ll wear it because I like my general attire, it’s quite smart. Although it isn’t black, it’s still dark colours so I will feel comfortable and not like I’m standing out too much.
This is from Next, although it’s not on the website when I looked. But it is £28 in store. Seems like a lot of money to me, but I will probably have it for years.

This dress is also from Next and think it comes under the category ‘layer dress’ although the jumper and the skirt are attached, making it a dress. This is lovely for the autumn with some tights and boots, in fact I’ve already worn it and although it’s quite colourful as my clothes go, I still love it as it’s so comfortable and relaxed to wear. This is on the website but I can remember how much it was and I took the tags off to wear it!

This jumper was on the opening slideshow on the next website and straight away I loved it. It can be dressed up or down too. The 3/4 sleeves give it the autumnal feel as it’s not cold enough for full sleeves until winter (I hope). I can’t wait to wear this when I finally get some jeans! It was £28 from Next.

As you can see this is a similar pattern to the first dress. I like the pattern because its dark, so I will feel comfortable and get plenty of wear from it, but also as its floral it makes or slightly more feminine. This is obviously a very relaxed long sleeved t-shirt and was £18 from Next.

Here is me pulling a funny face, wearing my ‘party’ dress, although I’m not sure what shoes I could get away with since I wear heels once in a blue moon?



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