Me Time #1

So I’ve decided to blog once a week about something I’m enjoying that week. I suppose this can be something I’m trying out or something I do often, whatever I fancy.


I don’t often spend time on ‘myself’ as such. I suppose I do, but mostly spend money on food, which isn’t necessarily the right kind of treat really is it? I’ve started to try and look after my skin more. So, I decided now that I’ve established a daily skin care routine and had seen results, thought why not experiment some more lovely stuff.

I was looking for some eyelash curlers in my local Superdrug and passed through the face-mask section. At 99p each how could I say no?! I got myself the self heating dark chocolate and orange mask as it promised moisturising properties, which with the changing/iffy weather sometimes my skin needs some extra care.
Sometimes face-masks sting my face, but that’s very rarely.

I put my pajamas and slippers on and made myself a cup of tea, which is a just for me when I’m doing stuff, anything is an excuse for a cup of tea.
Ready to relax.

I wasn’t sure that the self heating really would work, but it REALLY did! It was so strange that I was putting what looked (and smelled) like melted chocolate orange all over my face; but it was warm! Not to mention smelled amazing, it was almost like it was edible. Sadly not, that would of been a real treat, haha.

The mask was so runny and kept dripping off my chin onto my chest, and onto my pajamas! But I think I probably put too much on, never know why there’s so much in the sachets!
It didn’t dry, but it wasn’t meant to and my face was warm and felt nice. Of course as soon as I put it on my eyebrow area got an itch, that I couldn’t scratch. But when 10 minutes had passed I washed it off and it came off easily, and honestly, my skin is so soft now that I’ve used it! I will definitely be trying our different ones from the Superdrug range, I mean why not I’m sure I can spare 99p a week!
All in all not as relaxing as I’d hoped, but I did feel and smell good.


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