Me Time #2

So, I’ve not been able to post this week because I have no wifi at my flat and I’d have posted from my phone, but I ran out of 3G too! I’ve been trying to get wifi wherever I can, I even sat in McDonald’s just got gain access to their free wifi and check my Facebook. Plus all my close friends are leaving for uni this week, so I’ve wanted to say bye and spend some time with them before they leave.

I did manage to slot in some time to myself, not on my own, but nevertheless. Even if it did coincide with the development of a horrendous cold.  But anyway, I went out for cocktails with my friends to a local bar/restaurant called The Purple Pig. The menu is very inventive with punny names for things, I got ‘The Jam’ cocktail which was a Mojito but made with Southern Comfort and had apricots and lemon in. It was really nice, and not sickly so you could have more than one, but for £6,50 I just stuck to one!




Then last night, we all went to a friends house for a final farewell party (however as I’m so ill I stuck to tea). It’s sad that a group of close knit friends are separating but at least it gives us excuses to visit the cultural cities of the UK, and we can all get together at holiday times! I honestly do wish everyone of my friends the best of luck with their dreams, you all deserve it!





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