A few of my favourite things…

In this post I’m going to reveal a few of my favourite things at the moment. I’m going to do it in categories too so it’s easier to follow! here goes:


  •  UNE Sheer Lips Balm in Shade 19 – this is basically a moisturising lipstick as it is quite pigmented so you get the colour of a lipstick, but the nourishing moisture of a balm. I didn’t know but apparently UNE are made by Bourjois, which is made by CHANEL so I know its going to be a good product. Plus UNE is semi organic and natural so not as many chemicals are going onto my skin; which is also a bonus! I got it last week for 99p from TJHughes, where I always look for make-up, as sometimes they have stuff for discounted prices. I got two Bourjois Lipsticks from there before for 99p each too!
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation – this product has got to be probably my all time favourite foundation! I tried it when it was on offer, when it was first launched and have re-purchased it since then. Usually when I get a foundation I’ll finish it and wonder which one to try next, but recently I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix to give it a try (and because its slightly cheaper) and although I really like that as well, I think the 123 Perfect is still my all round winner. It blends well and leaves an almost velvety finish with a medium coverage, so you could probably get away without a setting powder. Also the staying power is really good, I can wear it all day and still have a  nice coverage at the end of the day. Also as a sufferer of eczema on my face sometimes make-up clings round it, but this one seems to have managed to hide it rather than make it stand out more! I could probably go on about this for a lot longer, maybe one day I will do a review on it, who knows? But it definitely gets a 9.5/10 from me.


  • Body Glide Anti Chafe Stick – now this is a sensitive subject for bigger and curvier girls (like myself). Everyone looks forward to summer, however if you’re thighs touch, which lets face it, applies to a lot of people, it means you will probably be uncomfortable if you don’t want to wear tights. Whilst thighs touching isn’t my any means anything to be ashamed of it can really be uncomfortable in the hotter climate. After years of suffering from this, and trying tights, baby powder and lots of other things; I think I finally found something that works! I read some reviews on this, and the majority were positive so I thought I would give it a go. I bought it from ebay, as I don’t think its available in the UK (I’m not sure though). I think it cost me about £5 for a 12.8g stick, which by the way I have hardly dented over the summer so it is a good investment! I just applied to the problem areas before going out and it would last near enough all day, through sweat too! You may need to reapply depending on what you’re doing, but its small enough to fit in your bag!
  • Chai Tea – I found this is the cupboard at my Mum’s house a while a go and decided to try it. I don’t know what I can really say apart from that it’s lovely! I love cinnamon flavoured things, so this was obviously going to be a big hit with me from the start. It smells warm (if something can smell warm?) I don’t know, I just really love the smell, and taste. Plus it’s actually good for you, which is unlike most things that taste nice. It has a mixture of spices that are known for their health benefits, there are too many to list though. As a tea lover this is a nice change and something to spice up your pallet, quite literally.



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