BB Cream

I really don’t know where the time is going. I’ve been on holiday from uni since May, and in all honesty I’m not ready to go back next week. I like doing nothing, far too much!

Recently I’ve been looking for a BB cream that wasn’t sticky on my skin. At the end of a day when I’ve been wearing makeup all day my face feels heavy and just generally gross, and I don’t exactly cake makeup on; less is more I suppose. But nevertheless I’ve been looking for a light weight non tacky foundation substitute, sometimes I feel foundation can be too heavy- for the coverage I need anyway.

I’ve been avidly watching YouTube videos and reading reviews before I was to finally part with my money. I was really tempted to try the famous Garnier BB cream that everyone has recommended, however the test tube in Boots seemed a bit dark for my skin tone. Although I have heard the oil free version is lighter? But sadly, there wasn’t a tester version of that so I couldn’t be too sure.

I have tried two BB creams previously: a BB cream from the Botanics collection at Boots, but I found that this was still a bit thick and sticky for my skin. Also the MUA BB cream, but I think I tried it about two years ago when I was in college and when BB creams had only just hit the UK market; or at least were gaining the hype they have today. I can’t really remember what it was like now, other than it smelled a bit like honey- but I did use it until it went out of date.

After spending lots of time in Boots and Superdrug, much to my boyfriends dismay as he always seems to get bored quickly and try the testers on himself (strange?). Anyway, as I am fair skinned I needed to find a fair one, that actually was fair enough. So I strolled onto the ‘Seventeen’ brand, which if you didn’t know is the cheaper, for younger skin alternative to No7 by Boots; which has always been a trusted makeup brand.

There I found the Seventeen BB Magic Blemish Balm. I was almost immediately drawn in as it says ‘improves skin in 4 weeks’ erm hellllo! This is probably my dream come true. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do imagine if it improved the way I looked without? IS THIS A DREAM?! So I swatched a tiny bit on the inside of my wrist, where my skin is light, like my face. Although I read it was quite dark, it wasn’t as dark as I was expecting and blended really well on my skin. All of this and the fact it was only £6.99! ANOTHER thing was that if you bought two Seventeen items then you got a free mascara, so obviously, I got the cheapest eye-liner I could find by the brand, just for the free Backlash mascara (which has also proven to be quite good!)

In all honesty I’d stayed away from this brand before because of the idea of it being for younger people, however I really think they are quality products; suitable for all skin, no matter what age and type! I really love the BB Cream, although I’ve only worn it a couple of times it really does settle into skin leaving it look effortlessly lovely by evening skin tone and leaving skin looking smooth.

I would recommend this to someone who, like me, doesn’t really like wearing the heaviness of foundation everyday. Plus if this really does improve skin there is absolutely nothing I can see that would make me dislike it.

If anyone else has tried this what did you think??




4 responses to “BB Cream

  1. Great review! I’ve never tried this but it does sound good. If you’d like to try out any other BB creams I’d highly recommend the Rimmel 9-in-1 – it blurs imperfections amazingly. x

    • Thank you! I love it, so easy to just apply quickly as well if you’re in a rush. I wanna try that one too and maybe a cc cream although that will take me forever to find one as well haha! X

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