Boots Christmas Wishlist

Boots is SO well known for its Christmas products, gift sets like no other; and for the most part, reasonably priced. This year at my local Boots the festivities have already begun; and thank God they have, in a matter of days there is empty stands. So if you’re looking to get things, I’d advise to start early (NOW!).
I’ve only had a quick glance at the products and sets on offer, but there really are some lovely things, this is why I’ve got my eye on;

No7 Advent Calendar

I REALLY want this! It’s priced at £35 but it’s packed with goodies (25 days worth) which comes to a total worth of £130! I can’t think of much better than getting a new product everyday, for almost a month! I’ve heard that Boots are bringing out their own too, which would be excellent! Lots of other brands are also bringing out calendars full of goodies, which you can check out here

No7 Complete Cleansing Kit- Brush and Skin Care Collection

This honestly does look really amazing. I’ve been thinking about investing in a Clarisonic cleansing brush for a while, but in all honesty the price of them really put me off! This is basically the same thing, for a fraction of the price. The gift set includes the initial cleansing brush; which usually costs £24.95 with the No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser, which is usually priced at £9.50 and the No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Normal/Dry skin which is usually £13.50. So really, you truly are getting a bargain as the gift set costs only £25! (and it includes batteries, what a bonus!)

Library of Fragrance- Fresh Ginger 

This may sound strange, and at first, I thought it was too. The Library of Fragrance have created scents that smell scarily exactly how the real life thing does! There are LOADS to choose from, to name a few; gin and tonic, thunderstorm, grass. But I love fresh ginger, so this is ideal for me! At the moment they are all on offer for £15 for a 30ml bottle.

Bev Ridge Hip Gloss and Lip Flask

I saw this while browsing online, and how cute is it! I love the floral design it makes it look almost vintage. Priced at only £10 I think this is great, I’m definitely going to check out the rest of the range!


6 responses to “Boots Christmas Wishlist

  1. That sounds great, I really want the No7 calender too. It looks like such good value for money and is a nearly half the price of the benefit one!

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