Favourite Destinations

Now that the weather is getting sharper and very grim we are all pining after a holiday in a warmer place, or even just a change of scenery. Everyone is suffering from summertime blues, so I thought I would write a post on some beautiful places I’d especially like to visit.

I would consider myself fairly well travelled, as my parents always wanted to take my brother and I to cultural places; NYC, Washington DC, North Carolina, Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Coffs Harbour, Paris, Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, Padua, Bolzano, Renon, Jersey – and much more within the UK! I would LOVE to return to all of these places; with a few favourites. I will be forever grateful for the amazing travel experiences they have given me, although now I have a thirst for travelling that I can’t afford.

I’ve had to limit myself to 6 but, the places I REALLY want to go are:

1. Amsterdam – honestly, why wouldn’t you want to go to Amsterdam? The museums, art galleries, coffee shops, red light district and ANNE FRANKS HOUSE is just something we don’t have here in the UK- its also a beautiful city. To be able to experience it all in one place is just mesmerising, and this has been my number one place to go for literally years.


2. Stockholm – is said to be the cultural centre of Sweden; having amazing restaurants, architecture, museums and theatres. Also having an amusement park on an island is pretty cool, right? Plus Ikea is from Sweden, and everyone loves Ikea! I’d love to go here, I think it just looks so beautiful, but I guess I am a fool for European street scenes.


3. Alaska – Northern Lights, whales, crystal blue water, green grass, mountains. It seems to be one of the most beautiful, untouched places in the world. I can imagine it being bitterly cold, but totally worth it for the breathtaking views that would surround me.


4. Tahiti – has crystal blue water, but also black sand beaches AND volcanoes! I think this is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, everything looks natural and perfect; like a scene from a movie. It is the largest island in the French Polynesia, which is overseas French territory, and how lucky are the French?!


5. The Gold Coast – is the coastal city on the south-east side of Queensland. It has 35 miles of beaches, and is very well known for the best Surf in the world. It is a mixture of city, beach and the beautiful Springbrook National Park. I love Australia, everything about it and would absolutely love to return.


6. Vancouver – I just really want to go to Canada, but Vancouver has always stood out; perhaps because I’ve seen pictures of the most picturesque mountains ever and the cool Mounties. I don’t know, I just think it looks really pretty!


Check out my Pinterest boards of where I’ve been and where I’d like to go

places i wanna goplaces been

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      • I will save up, or try to haha! I went to Paris when i was 14/15 and loved it, would love to go back but I’m a poor, poor student 😦 Italy, Lake Garda and The Blue Mnts in Australia are by far my favourite places to date that I’ve been to.

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