No7 Lipstick Match

No7 is a very well trusted brand in the make-up world, it’s probably one of the top drug store brands available. Previously, I’ve had some really good things from No7, particularly their mascaras. However, when on a budget it can leave your pocket on the empty side compared to its drug store sisters.

I was exited a few years back now when they launched their foundation match remote control, magic device. So, I obviously tried it out, due to curiosity. I found that I was the lightest shade (I didn’t expect anything less with my ghostly skin) called Calico. I believe No7 have a really extensive shade list of skin tones; 17 if I’m right? Which is actually pretty impressive for any make-up brand, in my opinion! Anyway, so they base your ‘perfect’ lip colour on whichever shade in foundation you are. When this is determined there are four categories you can prick from; Coral, Pink, Plum, Red. Each of these categories there are lip colours that will truly suit you. I chose to go with the Coral/naturals and picked 730/Soft Tulip. I am sooo happy with it, I think it can be worn both day and night and isn’t too bright (I have a lot of bright lipsticks).

You can do this test in-store, and there is a mini online version you can access here

This is me wearing my lipstick. I think I will be repurchasing this for the rest of my life.

Jazzed my face up with my new lippy from the no7 match thing 💄💁

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What’s your shade?


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