Superdrug Haul

I decided to have a little splurge last week and treat myself to some new cosmetics (when am I not). I decided to look on Superdrug’s website, to find they were having a sale, HELLO! Also free delivery on orders over £15, which is very easily done. I’d been looking for the things I bought for a while and I must say, I’m not disappointed. I love them all!

  1. L’oreal Skin Perfection; Anti Fatigue Perk Up Cream – I have wanted to try this since it came out, I mean Blake Lively is the poster girl for it, so how could you not want it? She looks so flawless, and I want to! Its priced at around £12 usually, but in Superdrug at the moment it’s reduced to £7.99! It’s a cream that adapts to your natural skin tone when applied, and it smells a bit like soap; but not in a horrid way, in a clean smelling way! I really love this and think it would be GREAT for summer months when I try not to wear foundation. It claims ‘Instant anti-fatigue + everyday action. Instantly reduces the appearance of signs of fatigue. Dark circles are concealed and complexion looks fresh and glowing.’ I would agree that it does give off a slight glow when applied, but my dark circles are going to need more than a moisturiser to hide!
  2. Collection Work the Colour; Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush – I was attracted to this as I was after an eye chubby, but reaaaaaally didn’t want to pay Clinique prices, after all I am a poor student! But also because I am literally hopeless with eyeshadow and blending and all that jazz; and I wanted something simple to throw in my make-up bag when I’m travelling- and of course palettes are chunky! I saw a couple of reviews on these and they sounded quite promising, so I picked up the shade Vintage Blush; which is kinda like a shimmery pink. I do love it, it lasts a LONG time, which is perfect for me, the more simple I can make my make-up, the better. The only downside is when it comes to sharpening, as its a funny size for sharpeners and I can see it snapping. But it was only £3.19, so can I really complain?
  3. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick; Shade 26 – I’d wanted one of these for AGES. A few of my friends have had them, and loved them. So I thought it was about time I tried them out for myself. I got the shade 26 because I wanted a nude colour, but when I got it I was a bit worried, it looked a bit orange for me. However, I thought I’d give it a go, and its not so bad. It’s not my favourite shade ever, but when I want a nude lipstick I will most probably reach for this one. It was priced at £5.50.
  4. MUA Eyeshadow Trio; Pink Sorbet – I picked this up because I wanted a plain and simple eyeshadow where I was instructed on where to put what, and in what order; which this does! I love MUA and think people who don’t are crazy because its so cheap, how can you not? The eyeshadow trio was £2.50! The eyeshadows from MUA are so pigmented! This is lovely with two pink shades and a bronze-y brown shade. I haven’t tried it other than swatching it but I’m going to London in November for my Mum’s 50th so will take it with me then to add some pizazz to my make-up!
  5. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder– I’ve never has or used a highlighter before and I’m so glad this is my first one, because it is so lovely! It’s very subtle, which is always better in my opinion! It is shimmery and very light pink, but on skin just looks, well, highlighted! I love it, and you hardly need any on a brush for an impact so hopefully this will last a while- and it only cost £3!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


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