London Part 1- Borough Market

Last weekend I had a mini break with my parents and brother to celebrate my wonderful Mum’s 50th! I’ve been to London a few times as its where my boyfriend lives. However, every time I go to London I seem to find new things to do. I know that’s the whole point in big cities, but I’m a relatively small town girl, so it’s all very new and appealing to me. My Mum had a jam packed weekend for us featuring The Lord Mayor’s Show; which was incredible, and we went to the famous Borough Market.

She had told me when I’d been in London previously to go, but I never got round to it, and BY GOD it was one of the best things I have ever witnessed! I am a sucker for food, always have been and I always will be. Anyone who has had the delight of going to Borough market will therefore know that it is ALL ABOUT FOOD! I honestly thought I was in heaven. There is food from all over the world and with all types of flavours. Really, something for everybody’s pallet.


There is everything a foodie could dream of; juice stalls, fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery items, TRUFFELS, cheese, every type of chilli ever heard of and so much more! Also if you’re like my family, you appreciate organic and well sourced food, which a lot of this was, so it would be almost guilt free (depending on whether you got fruit or chocolate brownies hehe).


I don’t think I could recommend everyone takes a pilgrimage to Borough Market at least once if not for the amazing experience of culture, just for lunch.

It also had a giant chalk board printed with ‘Before I die I want to_____’ and people have chalked in every square inch of it, which is so lovely! It kind of reminded me of the entrance to Juliet’s house in Verona which I loved as well. Maybe I’m a sucker for some romantic words- which a lot of these were. Of course I had to chalk on the giant board…



8 responses to “London Part 1- Borough Market

    • It’s so beautiful isn’t it?! ‘Real’ is definitely a brilliant way to describe it, I love it; I’ve told my parents I’ll be moving close by one day (hopefully)

  1. Ohhh I really wanna go there now! It’s such a beautiful place! The last time I was in London I stumbled upon it by accident but absolutely fell in love with this market!(:

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