St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub – First Impressions

I’ve been looking for a gentle facial scrub for AGES.

It’s sometimes hard for me to find one because some can bee to harsh on my really sensitive and dry skin. Obviously people say not to exfoliate as much with dry skin, but then I suffer from flakey patches, which I want to get rid of!

In the winter months my skin gets SO dry. I get flakey patches and little circles of dry skin, which can make wearing make-up really unattractive; but my skin can be even more so without! So I really wanted to find something to keep my skin smoother. I read numerous reviews online about this scrub, and even watched some beauty vloggers too and the general outcome was that everyone loved this in one way or another. At under £5 how can you not really?

It says it’s an everyday exfoliator, but I really don’t think someone with dry, sensitive skin should exfoliate every day. However I have been using it more often than once a week; I’ve used it every 2-3 days just to keep the flakes at bay.

It has left my skin feeling so soft and smooth and not forgetting to mention it smells amazing!

I hope to carry on my love affair with this product. I may even invest in some of their other products…


Have you tried this or any other St Ives scrubs? What did you think?


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