How To Cope With Very Dry Skin

I always see videos on YouTube that are aimed at sufferers of Oily skin, but I rarely see videos or blog posts on how to cope with really dry skin. Which is much to my dismay, because I am one of those people who suffers terribly with dry skin.

All year long I have to apply prescription creams and steroids to stop my skin being angry and sore. I do suffer with eczema all over, which obviously plays an extreme part of having dry skin.

But now that it is really getting cold my skin is really unhappy, especially under my eyes. If I’m being honest with you all, it really does get me down, not only does it make my skin look really sore but it knocks my self confident because its hard to cover up, and on occasion, people comment on it.

However, there are some really good things you can do to reduce the dryness of your skin or even get rid of it depending on how dry it is.

For me and my skin, I have some go to brands:

  • Aveeno – They have four ranges to choose from, depending what you want from a product. But I swear by the bath oil, it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated and it smells lovely. I use the emollient range which has collodial oatmeal it (supposed to stop itchiness). It is available in drugstores and I’d say it’s not expensive and you get loads of proudct that lasts ages, well worth it! Check the link for more info.
  • Oilatum – This brand of creams are well known so you might have heard of them. They make everything you could ever need for dry skin; bath oil, cream SOAP etc! I really suggest if you’ve got dry skin to check them out. I had one of their face creams and it worked a dream, I’m planning on repurchasing. There was only one issue I found, but it was also a blessing- how slowly it absorbed. It took a long time for it to sink into my skin, but obviously that’s no good if you’re wearing make-up but if not then it is great! They are also really well priced.
  • Epaderm – I originally got this from my prescription but you can get it from Boots too. It’s an emollient and it’s slighlty like Vaseline, but not greasy. I’ve had a tub for about a year now and I’ve barely dented it!  I really recommend this, you can use it as a moisturiser (I’d recommend only use it on your face at night cos it takes a while to sink in). But again this isn’t expensive!
  • Eucerin – I’ve used Eucerin for YEARS, since I was about 15 I think, that’s when my skin started playing up more. my Mum uses the Replenishing Face Cream, and she introduced me and I’ve never looked back. It is a special forumulation especially for dry skin and it has 5% Urea (an organic compound).

These and my prescription cream (Doublebase) are my go to products when my skin is really sore.

However at the moment I think my skin is screaming for help, no matter what I do it is so sore, especially on my face. So now I ask you guys for help!

Do you have super dry skin/eczema? What do you use?


5 responses to “How To Cope With Very Dry Skin

  1. My eczema is so sensitive that I can no longer use any commercial moisturisers without the risk of flaring up due to the moisturiser.

    When this began, I ended up using pure, unscented, petroleum jelly on top of wet skin. Wetting my skin well before applying the petroleum jelly turned out to be key, as eczematous skin has a tough time transferring water to the epithelium, let alone keeping that water in. making sure the skin hydrated before sealing it in with the PJ helps without irritating.

    One caveat is that this needs to be repeated rather frequently if your skin is like mine and absorbs the PJ within an hour–but, that’s not much different from commercial moisturisers that simply don’t last very long.

    Another caveat is that PJ is horribly messy. It destroys my clothing and my washer. My clothing needs lots of hot water and All Free-Clear detergent to release most of the PJ, and the washer needs a good cleaning with lots of isopropyl alcohol after each wash.

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