Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Review

I have been a big fan of Bourjois since I got into make-up. I’m a lover of the Healthy Mix foundation and the 123 Perfect foundation, however buying other Bourjois things is a treat as it is definitely one of the higher end drug store brands.

Recently I was wandering around Superdrug, just y’know, lookin’ about and I saw these lip products. My first thought was how on this earth is a lip gloss style tube and applicator going to give a matte lipstick effect? Well let me tell you all, Bourjois have cracked that one. The formula is really creamy and because it’s matte it dries but up until it sets it feels creamy and pleasant on the lips.

I have the shades 08 Grand Cru and 07 Nude-ist and they are both truly gorgeous colours. Grand Cru is a dark berry red which I love for winter lips cos it brings colour to my dull, white face. This is the original one I picked, and of course I only intended to get one but it was 2 for 1, you know how it is. So, I was stood picking a lighter more nude-y colour buut just kept getting drawn back to Nude-ist.

I had an event I’d organised that night so I was really exited to try them out and I went with the Grand Cru one. The application was a bit tricky because the applicator left it thick in places and thin in others, however it is suggested to smooth it out with fingers; which worked.  At first I really liked it, I really like the colour but because unlike with a lipstick I couldn’t feel it was there I kept feeling like it was wearing off. I had a drink and when I went to the toilet half of it had worn off, which was a bit disappointing but not to worry, I had it in my bag to touch up! But by the end of the night the colour had ran a little bit, which really was a let down cos otherwise I love this colour and the matte finish.

So, obviously when I went to try the Nude-ist the next day my hopes from Bourjois quality had been knocked a little bit. Here’s the twist –  I LOVE this one. The application is better and I think the formula is more creamy. Maybe you can see what I mean in the swatches? I found that it lasted better, maybe this is cos it’s more natural so not as noticeable when it wears. Although I will still wear them both because I can see me getting more wear from the Nude-ist, I really love it.

lips swatch

Left: 08 Grand Cru, Right: 07 Nude-ist

lips bor

Top: 07 Nude-ist, Bottom: 08 Grand Cru

I’d love to try some more of the colours; but I’m a bit iffy since I wasn’t so keen on the Grand Cru. Hmm, who knows?!

Have you tried any of this collection? What did you think?


7 responses to “Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Review

  1. Ive a haul coming soon featuring one from this collection, i also got the 123 foundation you talked about and i love the Healthy Mix too 🙂 great post. Agree with what you say about it being on the higher end of drugstore x

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