The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream: REVIEW

I bought this BB cream aaaaaages ago after wanting to try it for ages, then for some reason put it in my drawer and forgot about it until now. I realllly hate the feeling that foundation leaves on my skin; the heavy and weighted feeling after a few hours of wear (no matter how light the foundation is). I wanted something lighter for day to day wear at uni and thus my obsession with BB creams began.


I read quite a few good reviews on The Body Shop All-In-One BB cream and when it was on offer with a concealer I really just had to take the plunge and get it. The shade range is a bit strange as it has ones for yellow tones or pink tones so make sure if you are going to get this product, to get it matched to your skin tone and avoid disappointment because it is a really nice product. I am usually the lightest shade in most foundations and BB creams and in this I am 01 (00 being the lightest shade).

As you can see I am INCREDIBLY pale and I still found a shade suitable for me...

As you can see I am INCREDIBLY pale and I still found a shade suitable for me…

Shade 01 is the BB cream I have

Shade 01 is the BB cream I have, a little bit goes a long way!

I’m going to get the downsides out of the way because these were the things that I found annoying. Before I used it these things were putting me off, but I was really pleasantly surprised.

So firstly, the tube is only 25ml which is pretty disappointing since it is a mid range product at £12 so I was expecting a bit more bang for my buck. Secondly, it has no SPF which is usually a given with BB creams and why they are so good for summer. However, if you moisturise before hand (which you should regardless of your base) then you can easily find a moisturiser with a built in SPF. The only other grumble would be the colours as I thought they were a bit orange at first, but after a few minutes settled into my skin tone, but make sure you blend properly around the hairline and edges of the face to avoid ORANGE LINES.

I actually really like this product and think it will be perfect for everyday wear. It isn’t heavy on the skin whatsoever and gives a good, build able coverage (light-medium) with a dewyish finish. It is also quite hydrating and doesn’t cling to dry patches, which is always a plus! It looks really natural like your skin – but better; which I really like in a product. The Body Shop have also said its non-clogging on the pores and skin so it won’t create the dreaded spots and is classes as one of their Beauty Gems. I’d say this is aimed at people with dry/normal skin as it has a lot of skin conditioning ingredients.

Have you tried this BB cream? What did you think?

What are your favourite BB creams?


7 responses to “The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream: REVIEW

  1. Great review. I hate the feel of foundation on my skin too but BB creams don’t give as much coverage as I would like. This however looks fab. I think I’ll try it out too since I just love their concealer. Thanks for the review 🙂

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