I’m Back!

I know I’ve been gone a while, and thought it was about time I got back into my blogging routine and came back. Uni is no over for the year (yaaay) so it’s time to relax and enjoy my summer!

I can tick something off my 2014-2015 post, I am travelling to Amsterdam with Perry in just under a month! I am so exited, and I am trying to get everything organised before it’s too late and I have to run around panicking. But I know deep down I will leave things ’till the last minute and most likely, forget something.

I really can’t wait to go on holiday to somewhere I have been wanting to travel to for years. Once we have a (hopefully) successful holiday, we can start planning more. Where next?!

If you have any recommendations for my holiday, please let me know!


7 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. Tbh it was so bloody cold we didint do as much exploring as wanted but where we stayed( close to central station) had lots to do and see. We went to the Body of Worlds expedition which was pretty cool. We only had 2 days there in freezing temperatures lol xx

  2. I loved Amsterdam! I went last year, and in the main town square there was a bar that did unlimited bbq ribs! Literally you’d just ask for more and more, best thing when you have the munchies. Have a great time!

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