I must admit, I am possibly the worst person when it comes to hair. I wash and dry my hair, but that is really about it. I rarely ever style it with straighteners or curlers, probably because I’m really lazy!

Saying that I am probably the WORST at styling hair, I can do basic things on other peoples hair e.g. plaits and curling it and stuff, but when it comes to my own I just cannot seem to get anything to go right!! I can spend about 20 mins on getting my hair to stay in a bun never mind attempting anything a bit more tricky, however I really do wish I was better at it.

In the summer I sometimes want my hair off my face if its really hot or just to do something a bit different with it if I’m going out or want the sun to catch my hair in a different place. My go-to hairstyles are listed below (I still find these tricky sometimes);


What are your favourite hairstyles for summer?

Any tips to improve my hair abilities?

Eleanor xo

Photo credits:

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