I really am a skincare hoarder, I am on the hunt to find products that quench my skins thirst but also keep my complexion clear and spot free.

My friend’s Mum has recently starting selling Temple Spa products and invited us all over for a taster session to familiarize us with the products, I was sooo exited especially because the products are really luxurious and all natural.

Inspired by the ancient word ‘temple’, which describes the body as a sacred place and a precious house; and ‘spa, which is a space for health, beauty and relaxation and conjures up a sense of absolute comfort and joy. Uniting these words together, our hope is that Temple Spa becomes a metaphor for looking after skin, body and soul. Your space, your spa. (found on Templa Spa website.)

Firstly we were assessed to which skincare range was best for our particular skin type.


I, of course got the dry/sensitive because of my annoying skin type. But the products I got to try were truly soothing and very kind to my skin, which is quite surprising as my skin often flares up or gets angry at new products, but since Temple Spa are made from naturally sourced ingredients I was fine!


The products that were available for us to try, all from the different ranges depending on skin type.

The whole experience of trying the products was very relaxing and enjoyable as we were all able to feel the difference it made to our skin almost immediately.It was especially fun as there was a group of us doing it together, so we were chatting and giggling the whole time!

Using the Purification mask to get rid of oily tzones (and looking funny at the same time)

Using the Purification mask to get rid of oily tzones (and looking funny at the same time)

Temple Spa products are most determinately a luxurious skin care line, made with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that are kind to skin, but with a fair price tag. It is sold in Harrods too so it has to be good!!

If you would like to host a skin care class/party or are interested in buying any products click HERE or  email: j.oko123@outlook.co.uk 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care class, do you use any Temple Spa products??


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