I really cannot believe it’s only 5 days until I am TWENTY ONE years old! Where has the time gone? I feel like soon I should become an official adult, though that is yet to be proven…

The month of June was a busy one for me filled with getting ready for AMSTERDAM! That’s right, I stuck to one of my new year resolutions and travelled on my first holiday with Perry to Amsterdam. It was a dream come true, such a lovely place and I can’t think of anyone better to spend my time there exploring other than Perry. We spent 3 days wandering around and finding some weird but wonderful things, and we were blessed with the loveliest weather.


The view from out hotel (Botel) bedroom window!


In the month of June I have also a few beauty favourites (obviously). I have really been trying to focus on my skin care so I didn’t have to wear much/any foundation in the humid climate the UK has had recently.

I have really stepped up my cleansing and toning routine as before I would just use a make-up wipe to take off make-up, but after using a wipe I’ve started to cleanse with L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Cleansing and Protecting Milk and I’ve been noticing that there is still make-up to come off! I even do this before I go to bed even if I’ve not worn male-up and you’d be surprised at the colour of the cotton pad afterwards! I then follow with the L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner and it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and clean. These two products haven’t dried my skin out whatsoever, which is always a plus as some toners in the past have done just that. 

Another favourite of mine has been the B. Confident CC Cream in Light, it has a whopping SPF of 45 (!!!) which is amazing as I’ve never seen any other make-up item with such a high SPF. It is very hydrating and really blend into the skin so well, with a weightless feel all day. I wore this every day on my holiday and despite the hot weather it had a reasonable staying power, and kept my skin tone even throughout the day.


What are your June favourites? Have you tried any of my June favourites?


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