Skincare Routine Summer 2015

In the summer my skin is a whole load happier, which makes me think I should just move somewhere that is sunny all year round!

Although my skin may not be as angry, I still like to look after it just as much as I do in the winter because if I keep up a routine my skin becomes consistently healthier.

When I wake up I usually go straight in the shower to wash my hair and wake myself up. Whilst in the shower I will use my St Ives exfoliating scrub, I probably only do this maybe twice a week in the summer as my dry skin isn’t as bad.

When I’m done in the bathroom I usually sit at my desk and then cleanse my face, recently I’ve been using the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting Milk, it is a cream cleanser so as well as cleaning my face it adds some hydration to my skin too – at first I wasn’t sure how I would get on with it because how can a cream clean?? But it actually works and sometimes I can see the difference with the dirt on the cotton pad (ewww).

To go with the cleanser I also picked up the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner, I got the both of these at Boots on offer for 2 for £6 which I’m glad of because I’m so glad of the results. The toners I have had in the past have dried my skin out, making me reluctant to use them, but this is not drying and I’ve seen a difference in the size of my pores – it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and clean, but not at all dried out. Both of the L’Oreal products are hypo-allergenic and without parabens and alcohol so are really gentle on the skin and they aren’t heavily fragranced either – these are ideal for the summer months but I think in the winter my skin would need something a bit more nourishing!


After I’ve cleansed and toned my skin I move onto a step I’ve been doing for almost a year. I bought a serum in the winter when my skin was really lacking lustre and I haven’t gone back. I have tried a few since, and I’ve only liked two out of them 1. Hyaluronic Acid by InstaNaturals and 2. Superdrug Vitamin E Serum. The one I keep going back to (because it’s so cheap and works so well) is the Superdrug one. It really feels amazing with an almost silky feel when putting it on, but it sinks in within seconds so it’s not sticky when I apply my moisturiser afterwards. I really love using a serum now, and I probably won’t turn back as it seems to keep my skin plump and hydrated (especially with the vitamin e).

Lastly is the moisturiser I’ve been using and since it’s summer and I have very fair skin I have been trying one with SPF by Olay, which was sent to me by Tesco! It’s the Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser with SPF 15, I haven’t tried an Olay product before other than stealing my Grandma’s beauty fluid when I was younger but this has actually really surprised me and been nice on my skin, it’s thick but it doesn’t feel sticky and sinks in fast. A little goes a long way too, I use half a pump for my whole face, but saying that I have a tiny face/head. It kind of makes my skin a bit glowy too, so if I’m not wearing any base then this is good to keep me looking fresh.

The only thing I do differently at night is take my make-up off with a wipe, then cleanse and tone to get rid of any left over stuff and use my serum but then I use coconut oil! This has really been a game changer for me. It smells lovely, and keeps my skin soft and clear because it’s so natural. 11783604_10207304687404506_1304657353_o


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