I know, another late post – but I’ve been getting ready for the arrival of my puppy!! A lot happened in the month of July, I turned 21 (!!), went on holiday with my family and ‘picked’ our puppy, who’s called Inca.

Despite the often miserable weather, July wasn’t all bad; for one the weather on my birthday was really lovely, where Perry and I spent the day in Whitby, eating fish and chips and climbing the 199 steps. I celebrated my birthday with him and my family as I’m not really a person for hosting birthday celebrations, but maybe I will eventually arrange a belated affair with some friends. Obviously my birthday kind of has to be one of my favourites, and of deciding on getting a puppy is another but I have some others to show you all…

Nearly all my favourites are from my birthday, and they are all luxury items to me that I love and will keep forever (easier in some cases said than done).


My Body Shop Mango body mist has been my go to scent for the summer, it is fruity and not heavy whatsoever so great for the summer months! I got this in February as a Valentines gift with the summer months in mind, and I’m so glad I was right and it is a wearable scent day to day.

BeFunky CollageI have always wanted a watch for my 21st and luckily my Grandma agreed to get me one, after a day out in Newcastle umming and ahhing between Fenwicks and John Lewis I finally settled on this one. My thoughts were that rather than getting a watch that was fashionable NOW, to get a timeless watch that I can wear throughout my life – and I think this is a truly beautiful watch and love it!

july fabcolAfter Perry got me the Whitby Jet ring for Christmas which I have loved and worn nearly every day since getting it, I really wanted a piece to go with it. I dragged Perry round almost all of the Jet shops in Whitby before setting eyes on this beauty! I really like the Koru symbol and what it stands for, and have wanted to get it into a tattoo for ages, so when I saw this I just knew this was the one I wanted, it’s wearable through the day and night so I can wear it basically all of the time woo!

11844086_10207401574466622_1149409713_nAHH, finally the Coco Chanel! This has been my favourite scent for years! I first smelled it going on holiday in duty free (of all the places) and have been obsessed with it since, though obviously haven’t been able to afford it. A total surprise, but my parents got me it for my birthday! I’ll be saving this for best of the best so I don’t run out of it too quickly.

Hope you enjoyed my July Favourites!


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