Summer Sleepin’

Through every season my sleeping habits seem to change, whether it be related to the day light saving or just my body clock I don’t really know. The summer is when I am most busy, going out with friends or days out with my family or/and boyfriend, whatever excuse I can find to leave the house and soak up some Vitamin D (if it’s not raining that is).

I’ve never really thought about how I unwind in the evening in the summer, just that something feels much more relaxed about it. Recently I came across Parachute Home, they approached me and asked me to share my thoughts/routine in my unwinding and getting into bed in the summer time, so it got me thinking…

My first point of thought was, there is simply no bigger pleasure than getting into a freshly made bed and fresh pyjamas, and Parachute Home offer some lovely bedding, simplistic, like something you’d see on Instagram or Pinterest but made of a high quality!


Parachute Home – Venice Set in Sateen Slate


When I get into bed I like to firstly take care of my skincare as at night I really like to pamper my skin after a rough day of weather and whatever else I’ve thrown at/on it. Sometimes I use a moisturising facemask (one I can be lazy and leave on) if I’m feeling generous to myself. Depending on how tired I am I’ll scroll through Instagram and go to sleep, or if I’m feeling a bit more awake light a candle and read a book/watch a film – I love a candle all year round alternating scents with the seasons, I think it just makes the atmosphere of the room a lot nicer and of course, it smells better.

What are your favourite bed time things? Check out Parachute Home HERE.

(pictures are not my own, click to find out where I got them)


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