August Favourites 2015

The end of September means the beginning of Autumn, whilst most people love this season, I really don’t – I don’t like the suddenly cold weather and having to all of a sudden wear jumpers and coats. I much prefer the summer/ warmer months, probably because my skin is easier to deal with when the weather is warmer (it kind of freaks out when the weather changes too).

Baring this is mind, I’ve picked out a few of my months favourites, which are mostly skincare…


Botanics 100% Organic Rose Water Toning Spritz – This toning spritz is amazing, it’s so good for a refreshing spray of a subtly scented water, that helps your skin. I use it both morning, evening and any time I feel the need of a little wake-me-up! It says the Rosewater makes ‘Skin feels smoother, fresher and prepared for moisturising’ as well as tightening pores and removing any last bits of make-up. I also love that this product is paraben free and 100% organic, as well as the fact is has been approved by Kew Gardens; I always like to put more natural and world friendly things onto my skin where possible, and this toning spritz is probably going to be a staple in my skincare for a while as it is refreshing and doesn’t dry out my skin (plus its under £10)!


Lush Lip Tint, It Started With a Kiss – I got this at the Lush event I attended a while back now. I really wanted a tinted lip balm but when I got it, I was a bit disappointed with it, I found it hard to apply and it didn’t last long at all. Recently I’ve given it another go, and grown to actually quite like it this time around. It is a cinnamon flavour/scented red lip balm, great for day wear when you don’t want anything heavy on because it looks quite natural, though it doesn’t last long. It is nourishing made with coconut oil, shea butter, rose hip oil and many more skin loving, natural ingredients (another reason I love it). I really want to try some of the other colours, like Latte, however almost £6 for a lip balm seems a bit steep, don’t you think??

august favourites 2015

Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Pads – Well, well, well, these are honestly one of my holy grail products. A go to thing when I’m having a break out, and soooooo affordable. They exfoliate as well as removing dirt, and often you can see the dirt on the pad (gross but satisfying). Tea tree and peppermint oil are natural products that have been used for years, by many beauty gurus to treat pimples and spots and it really does work. Why not give them a try for under £2???

No7 Instant Illusions Radiance Balm – WOW. I’ve had this in my drawer for a while now, I picked it up at a No7 event I went to a while back, and was told it was good for a no make-up day. Recently I got it back out, and it is literally amazing. I don’t know how but it seems to blur imperfections whilst also giving a natural glow. It is a lovely satiny cream texture, so it feels luxurious on the skin. My Mum who doesn’t wear make-up and hasn’t for my whole life even gave this a go before she went to a party and I quote she said ‘I felt sparkly all night’ (in a good way haha). It has been compared to the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, but obviously for a fraction of the price. I will be wearing this often when my skin can get away with little make up because it is just SO flattering.

august favourites 2015


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