November Favourites 2015

I’m SOOO sorry I haven’t blogged in over a month, I’ve been super busy with uni and my new job that whenever I’ve had a spare minute I just wanted to watch TV and chill out. Also my skin kind of had its ‘ahh its getting cold’ freak out, so most of the stuff I’d been using in October/November was from the Dr’s, and not so fun to read about…

But, I’m back – and in my month of absence I’ve been using some new skincare and make-up, and I’m ready to share my favourite picks with you all!


I was on FeelUnique (making my first order eeeek) and stumbled across their organic skincare and make-up category, so I obviously had to look. I found a cleanser by Sukin, an Australian skincare brand that is paraben free, 100% vegan, 100% carbon neutral and doesn’t test on animals. I’d also seen people use this on YouTube and said they really loved it, so I decided to give it a whirl – and I too have been loving it. It smells amazing, like a spa/herbal scent of the natural ingredients. It is a foaming cleanser, so makes skin feel really skin but not at all tight. For £8.10 I think it is amazing value… I’m going to do a full review soon on this and the moisturiser I later bought, cos I can feel myself getting carried away here!

To give myself a treat after a week of work and uni, I popped into my local Lush to see if I could get a facemask that wouldn’t make my skin go crazy as I’ve been suffering from both breakouts AND eczema, which is really no fun at all. I got the most wonderful service and the young lady helped me pick something out to suit my skin, I ended up getting BB Seaweed. The Lush website says ‘A calming fresh face mask with fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin. We also use rosemary oil for its regenerative qualities, kaolin to remove any excess dirt or oil, and millet flakes to gently exfoliate away dead skin as you scrub it off. It doesn’t dry my skin out, and it really does soothe and soften. I just love the scent, again very spa like and natural. The lady who served me said that it is suggested that for the first five days use the mask once a day, then once a week afterwards. Of course, I didn’t have a problem with that; WHO doesn’t like to pamper themsevles?!?!?! I think it’s really helped my skin calm down, still struggling with those hormonal breakouts atm though, but I’ll get back to you when I’ve finished the tub.


My last favourite is Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Palette in Addictive. Though I’m never sure of the 16 hour part, I think Revlon cosmetics are really good value for money, and at the top of the drug store make-up (or at least up there). I got this palette in a free gift box when I spent £15 on their products, together the nude and brown combo really gives a nice look – but the eyeshadow is really nice. It is a quad of four different shades of browns. Depending what you want to achieve you can create a simple everyday look, or something more dramatic for an evening – the palette can be dressed up or down. I like quads, they kind of give you the colours that will compliment each other without you having to decide (good for the lazy and indecisive part of me).


Have you tried any of these products, what do you think?



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