Top 5 Facial Moisturisers

We all know that I love a good facial moisturiser. I’d go as far as to say, my skin wouldn’t survive without them. I have five favourite moisturisers I will rotate all year round, depending on the condition of my skin.


  • I’m gonna start with my oldest face cream, and by that I mean the one I’ve used for the longest. Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream 5% Urea – this face cream is something that my Mum (who also suffers from eczema) introduced me to when I was about 15 and I used it solely as my only face cream until I was 20. I only stopped using it because my skin had become used to it and I wanted to see if anything else could possibly work with my skin as well, or better than this face cream. I think it’s always going to be a staple in my skincare as it just deeply hydrates my skin (perfect for winter/cold months), it can be a bit heavy in the summer months and lacks SPF. DSC00126.JPG
  • Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream is another brilliant cream, also on the heavier side; I prefer to use this at night now because I find it too heavy for the day even if I use a tiny amount. Having said that, it’s still one of my favourites and it smells like honey yoghurt too. It helped my facial eczema a lot this winter- I’ve read other bloggers love it for eczema too! So if you suffer from extremely dry skin, then give this a go; it doesn’t break the bank at £9 and a little goes a long way…


  • My go to facial moisturiser at the moment is my new favourite; Sukin Facial Moisturiser. There are a number of reasons why I really am in love with this cream. Firstly, it smells like a spa- what’s not to love? Secondly, its natural and packed with amazing natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Horsetail, Nettle, Burdock, Rose Hip, Wheat Germ, Jojoba and Avacado Oils. It is also paraben free, 100% vegan, not tested on animals and 100% carbon neutral. This is all an added bonus because the actual product is amazing as well, it soaks into the skin leaving it soft and hydrated but without a layer that you can feel (which I really hate). My skin at the moment is battling against the harsh cold wind and doing remarkably well and I believe that this cream has something to do with it- it is even suitable for every skin type! 
  • Next it has to be the  Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day CreamI love this for a nourishing cream, that really is light and wearable in sweltering sun; the only downside is that there is no SPF which is something I would personally hope for in a light face cream (I’m more likely to use it in the summer).This cream again smells a lot like a spa, with a very sweet almond scent. It has manuka flower, sweet almond and pure organic avocado oil – filled with skin loving ingredients. However this, out of all of the creams in this list is the most expensive and definitely a luxurious skincare item (for me anyway). 


  • Last but most certainly not least is the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day MoisturiserThis is the cream that I more or less used all summer. It has an SPF of 15, which is a bonus for a daytime moisturiser. Although this is technically an anti-age cream, I feel that it really made my skin glow after consistent use. It has a nice floral smell, but I didn’t find it over powering. It is a very moisturising cream but not at all heavy, which for me is something I look for in a moisturiser; particularly in the summer months! Again, this doesn’t break the bank whatsoever and is often on offer so keep your eyes peeled!


I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your favourite moisturisers?




2 responses to “Top 5 Facial Moisturisers

    • Oh yes, I love vitamin E products! I’m going to save and then splurge in The Body Shop I think, I can spend hours in there haha!! The Manuka Honey one is so great, there is usually offers in holland and barett too woo!! x

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