Valentines Lips

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is now just around the corner. I personally don’t see the big hurrah about it, if you’ve got a partner, great! If not, why think of it as a bad thing? It’s a great excuse to get done up with the girls and/or guys and go for a night out (as if you’d ever need an excuse to go on a night out anyway haha).
What is getting dressed up, no matter the occasion, without a good lipstick??!!
I had to narrow it down to just five, or I’d honestly be here for days. Let me tell you, it was no easy feat a lot of umming and ahhing and a pretty rigorous selction process, there are some very sad lipsticks in my collection today. My lipstick addiction as of late has gotten waaaaay out of hand (currently hoping my Mum doesn’t read this so she can’t go mad at me or question how many I have). I had a rummage around my ridiculous collection, and this is what I found for you all:


No7 Stay Perfect in Auburn Whisper– This is the perfect shade if you’re a Callico (yes I went and had the match done again). I would describe it as a rose, coral. It’s very flattering and not too pink, or bright –  so it is perfect as either an everyday colour or a ‘not too done up’ lip colour too. The formula of these is amazing IMO, it lasts well throughout the days with maybe one or two touch ups needed and is creamy and not at all drying. I love this colour and wear it often, and maybe will on Valentines day too.


MAC Retro Matte in All Fired Up –  Yes, it finally happened. I got my first MAC lippy. I got it as a gift from Beth from Polished Couture for Christmas! Can you imagine my face unwrapping, honest I nearly cried. This shade is a bright, matte dark fuchsia pink. For me, this is quite a bold colour but nevertheless I love it. WHAT do they put in MAC lippy’s for them to be so durable?? And, not at all drying!!!! I’ve been loving this and think it could be a perfect bold pink for this Valentines day, make your lips stand out eyyy!


Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet – I love Revlon lipsticks in general and I think this has amazing pigmentation and colour pay off considering the creaminess and sheerness of the lip butter. After all it’s labelled a lip butter rather than a lipstick, which in my head links it more to a balm? Maybe it’s ‘cos they are actually so buttery and moisturising. The colour I think is a mauve-y red, on my lips it’s quite dark but because its sheer(ish) I think it’s wearable from day to night. Perfect for a casual Valentines day or a night on the town.


The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain Gotta love those two-in-one products, saves us gals a lot of time, hassle and essential space in our makeup bags. I’ve been loving this recently, it is SUCH a lightweight formula and lasts soooo long. Honestly, I can’t feel this on my lips at all. It gives me a hint of colour but looks as if my lips could naturally be that kissable-ey red (they aren’t). I think it’s perfect if you don’t wear a lot of makeup but still want a splash of colour that isn’t at all obvious.



NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie I thought I’d mention this because I’ve been wearing it a lot recently and if you’re not into reds or pinks then this could potentially be a colour for you. It’s so hard to describe and I Google image’d it to give myself a look, but it looks different on everyone’s lips! I’d personally describe it as a terracotta, with a red base to it. It would honestly look flattering on anyone and I think it could be a perfect shade for this Valentines day if you’re not feeling a red or pink – I think it’s well matched with this time of year too.


Have you got any of these lip products? What do you think?



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