Lush Easter 2016 and Happy Hour Event

Every year at Easter there is something going on at LUSH, always new things to shower yourself in (literally). I recently was invited to a Lush Happy Hour event and was showed the new Easter range and oh boy, oh boy it is full of yummy scents and body treats. In the new range there are bath bombs, bubble bars, a soap and a gorgeous shower jelly… all with the theme of Easter too.

First let me tell you all about LUSH parties . We attended a Happy Hour event which would last for around one hour and cost £15 BUT they get £5 towards their favourite products, so really it’s £10 and a discount off something for yourself; a bargain if you ask me. I think I can say on behalf of the bloggers that were there, we had an absolute blast – the games were amazing (putting lipstick on whilst blindfolded, yikes)! I’m really considering having a ‘Beauty School’ party for my birthday.

After we played some fun games and gandered around the shop we got spoiled again, and saw a preview of the LUSH Easter range. Every year the LUSH Easter range is a huge deal, this year is no different. IT’S ALL SO CUTE AND SMELLS AMAZING. 


Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb – This bath bomb is incredible, it could be called a double whammy as once Humpty has dissolved there is a fried egg bath bomb inside of him! 

Bouncy Bunny – This smelled amazing, like a tropical holiday kind of smell. I’ve never had a shower jelly before but seriously considering after smelling this, and its reusable. 

Bunch of Carrots – I love the idea of a reusable bubble bar and with these you only need half a carrot or less per bath so at least 6 baths for £6.25?? Not bad at all!

Golden Egg – A GLITTERY bath melt, very luxurious and zesty with it having an orange scent YUM.

Now, don’t get too exited but everyone I know who loves LUSH also loved Ultraviolet, well guess what??! As Part of the Easter releases, it’s back!!!!!!!!! I am so exited to get one I love the smell soooo much. Along with it is the classic Fluffy Egg which I am now dying to try after hearing about!

Don’t forget Mothering Sunday aka Mothers Day on 6th March here in the UK and LUSH do the perfect present for your Mum, who deserves a relaxing bath (at least).





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