Beauty Confessions Tag

Hi everyone, today I was tagged in my first ever ‘beauty tag’ and thought it was pretty exiting so here we are!

The Beauty Confessions Tag was created by Cassie Hampson, and I was tagged by the lovely Jessica. The tag consists of seven beauty related questions (of course).

I’m going to tag Eden, Holly, Alice and  Caroline . Of course you can take part if you so wish, just link back to me. Copy and paste the questions and answer them for yourself!

1.) What is your biggest beauty product addiction? (Lippies, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, etc.)

Lipsticks. There is no two ways about it, I hoard them. The strange thing a lot of them are similar shades and then there’s the odd daring one. I’m not going to stop buyin’ them any time soon either.

2.) How many products do you have from your addiction?

Do you really want me to count? In fact, I’m gonna ball park guess ‘cos counting would take a while and mean rounding them all up. I’m gonna say 25-30?

3.) What is one type of beauty product you hate? (highlighters, hairspray, etc.)

This is a tough one. I can’t think of anything I ‘hate’ at all, maybe bubble bath if that is one? Only cos I’m allergic to most of them.

If that doesn’t count then erm, powder. Like setting powder. It really dries my skin out and makes make-up feel uncomfy on my face.

 4.) What has been your biggest challenge in beauty? (ex: a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)

Learning how to use eye shadow properly. It sounds trivial but my friend Meg (big up Povey) has always been soooo good at eye make up and can do a full on smokey eye in like, 5 mins? But for me it takes 20 at least to create something that looks mediocre af. I am slowly getting more OK at it though…

5.) What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?

Moisturising. Something I literally have to do, if not my face feels like its too small for my body. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was about 12 too so it’s part of me nowwwww.

6.) What is one beauty thing you suck at? (ex: eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day, etc.)

Hahaha, I tried to over draw my lips a few times (in the comfort of my own home) to see what they’d look like. Let’s just say I’d never leave the house with my lips over drawn, it’s not a good look for me but I’m not too down about it, I’ll live.

7.) What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand its hype? (Technique, trend, etc.)

Fake tan, I think it sometimes looks soo good on people and truly, I would love to have a sunkissed glow. But I’m ghostly white and never tried to fake tan in fear of looking weird (I don’t even tan in summer so to magically have a tan would be a big change). I can see why people love it, but like I said I just don’t think I could get on the bandwagon.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever tag! Be sure to check out everyone’s blog I tagged, they are all wonderful…




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