LUSH Feeling Younger – Radiant Base #1

I have a few base products that are specifically for making skin look luminous, healthy and radiant; so I thought over three blog posts I could introduce you to them all in detail (rather than bombard you will all 3 at once and have a tremendously long blog post). After all, who doesn’t want to look radiant and healthy, especially in the summer months?!

The first product I am going to introduce you to is the LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint. Don’t be fooled by the name… it is an illuminator, not a magic worker. This one is slightly different to the other two as it can be used two ways! The first way to use it (and the reason I have included it in the radiant base posts) is to mix it with your everyday moisturiser and it will create a luminous, but not over the top glowy base. However on its own it can be the most beautiful liquid highlight too! I have seen it be compared to MAC Strobe Cream too, which is another glowy base that can be used as a highlight or all over glowifier. 


I use it both ways and love it, the texture of the product in the pot is so weird! It is kind of a marshmallowy consistency but still runny… BOUNCY is the word I’m looking for. I even went through a phase of just wearing the skint tint with my moisturiser, without make-up on top. However, this is a product where the term ‘less is more’ can be used. There is a fine line between using too much and looking like a disco ball, for sure. I literally just pat my index finger on the top and use that for my whole face; so even though this product may be £12, it really will last a looooong time if you use it wisely. 


As always since this product is one from LUSH, it is made with fabulous ingredients such as cocoa butter, orange flower water and jojoba oil.

This product is the most ‘shimmery’ of the three, but people get mixed up with shimmer and glitter, KNOW YOUR GLOW! It is not obscene if used lightly and the shimmer is literally undetectable unless you’re nose to nose with someone; otherwise it is just a serious glow.

Have you tried this product? What do you think?



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