Radiance Balm – Radiant Base #2

As promised I’m comin’ atcha with the 2/3 base for a radiant, glowy and healthy look; instead of or underneath makeup.

This time around I’ll be tellin’ all of y’all about the cheapest radiant base of the bunch. The Botanics Radiance Balm from the All Bright range is a brilliant lightweight glow making base for just £6 (but is often on offer for £3). 


This one is less bold and more subtle than the LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint but still so beautiful! On the tube it says the product ‘minimises visible signs of fatigue and stress’… erm yes pleassssse!

I would call the glowy finish a pearlescent one and it looks so natural too. A definite ‘your skin, but better’ product. It is completely up to you how you use the product too, either all over for a healthy glow or on the high points of your face for a highlighted effect. 


The product is quite moisturising as well, I think. So a light layer over a moisturiser is probably the way to go with this one…


The radiance balm is in a 50ml tube however a little bit certainly goes a long way, less is more with glow products in my opinion.

Hint, hint: this is a good product if you feel hungover or groggy, but don’t want to appear so! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product!




3 responses to “Radiance Balm – Radiant Base #2

  1. I have this product, and i absolutely love it. It’s a perfect pick me up for the dull skin, similar to the clarins beauty flash balm just a bit too liquidy.

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