July Favourites 2016

I really want the world to slow down. I feel like even though it’s ‘summer’ that where I live, there hasn’t been that many summery days. I feel cheated!
Regardless of the weather I have some favourites to share with you all…

First, lets get this out of the way. I graduated!! I honestly am so proud of myself, especially for getting a 2:1 which is what I was aiming for. The past three years studying I have had the biggest changes of my life, so many times I wanted to quit; but now I’m so glad that I stuck it out!  The graduation day was the hottest day of the year so far (seriously, it was). But it was beautiful, in my posh frock and with my loved ones; definitely a day to remember!


One of my favourites this month has got to be a luxury buy. I decided to treat myself for my graduation (it was three days after my birthday), and decided on an Urban Decay lipstick. After uhming and ahing for days I took the plunge and went into my local Debenhams. The lady was really helpful and after I showed her a picture of my dress, she showed me a beautiful lipstick from their new Vice collection, a cream lipstick called Rush. It is described as a mauvey-nude and it’s just gorgeous. It’s one of those lipstick colours that is really versatile. I can wear it any time, it goes with casual clothes or more dressy outfits too. The product is so comfortable to wear too, it has some essential oils in and is cruelty free what a bonus!


Next up we have a skincare item, what would my blog posts be without them! For my birthday every year Perry and I go to Whitby for the day. We went to a shop called Totally Natural Skincare (you can see why I was drawn in). Perry bought me some Organic Rose Facial Hydration Mist and it is amazing. It smells like a luxury item and I have 100% seen an improvement when using it, it keeps my skin feeling hydrated and not tight at all but I’ve also noticed its evened out my skin tone a lot too. I suffer from redness especially round my chin and nose area, but this seems to have helped even it out.



Finally, this month I’ve been loving a warm eyeshadow. I don’t tan, like, whatsoever, at all! So being able to warm myself up with some makeup is ideal. I’m not a big bronzer wearer and in fact I’m only really just beginning to use it after getting the Honey Bronzer from The Body Shop, which coincidentally I also use as an eyeshadow/ crease colour. Anyway, I got one of The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadows in Golden Cinnamon. I’ve seen it likened to MAC’s Coppering. It’s a gorgeous reddy/orange/copper eyeshadow with a pearlescent finish. I love it. I’m worrying what I’m gonna use in winter hahaha (buy more!).


That’s my favourites for the month of July. What are yours?




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