LUSH Jackie Oates Colour Supplement

Today I’m gonna be sharing my thoughts on Jackie Oates from LUSH with you all. If you didn’t know, Jackie Oates is one of the Colour Supplements from LUSH. A ‘skin tint’ with a few different ways of using it.

Of course, Jackie Oates is the fairest of all the skin tints from LUSH. It’s described as a colour supplement ‘for fairer folk and English Roses’… THAT IS ME! The ingredients are obviously lovely and all natural, the website says ‘This is ideal for smoothing those with pale complexions that need soothing. It’s made with oat milk as a base, which helps to calm skin down, to which we’ve added loads of nurturing shea butter, honey, aloe vera and glycerine to hydrate and even out tone.’  It’s a mixture of ingredients to die for.


I was umming and ahhing for ages over whether I should buy this. I got a sample from my local LUSH store and after using it for a week, decided to take the plunge and buy it. I honestly do love the makeup from lush (if you already can’t tell) and think its quite overlooked, which is easy since LUSH is such a good shop. I’ve written about their lipstick and highlighter before, and loved them too.

When they say this is a multi-purpose colour supplement, I have found three uses for it (there could possibly be more).

  1. A foundation. This product can be used as a foundation on it’s own. It has a medium coverage I would say. It lasts reaaaaally well too, and I don’t use powder.
  2. A tinted moisturiser. I love to use it this way, it works in well with a moisturiser to eliminate any redness.
  3. A concealer. It can be used to conceal small areas like dark circles and redness, but isn’t ideal on spots as it has a moisturising element._DSC1017_edited.jpg

A few tips on this product though. It can be built up in coverage, but let it sit a few minutes before you apply any more. Sometimes when I put it on it doesn’t look right and kind of sits on the skin. After a few minutes its all worked itself into my skin and looks fabulous. I think this might be because of the shea butter and it soaking into skin. Also sometimes it doesn’t look very good with dry patches or flakey bits of skin, but what does? So, I make sure I exfoliate well before I use it.


Honestly, I think I will repurchase this because it’s the most light weight and natural looking makeup I’ve found. It feels like I’m wearing a moisturiser. Also it’s soo reasonably priced cos a pot of this is gonna last you a good while.




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