LUSH Lip Tints

I always like a multi purpose product, so when I saw that my beloved LUSH did lip tints I was really excited. I love an everyday, wearable colour and decided upon Sunkissed and then thought F* it, and bought Santa Baby too; a bright red.

Whenever I’m going to buy a product I view it on google images to see swatches etc, and I liked the look them both on there so then decided to go and treat myself, as one does…



Sunkissed is a nudey, rosey pink with shimmer. I think, that’s the best way I can describe it. My lips are a weird colour, depending on how warm I am so I decided to be safe I would layer Sunkissed over a mauve lipliner… it looks amaaaaaayzhing – so I’m gonna go out on a whim and say it will layer well over anything. But it does look good on its own too. Again, love a multi purpose lip thing; yaas. It is really creamy to apply and feels more or less the same as a lip balm but honestly, it smells divine! It feels moisturising and lasts a heck of a time for a light weight product. It is definitely one of those products you can put in your handbag and just throw on without worrying about it bleeding or looking weird.


Santa Baby is a complete different ball park. Though they might both be called lip tints its almost as if they are complete different formulas. Santa Baby is LOOONG lasting, I had trouble getting it off! I am NOT complaining cos that is like, ultimate lipstick goals. It is a drier formula though, compared to Sunkissed. I apply a lip balm underneath; and reapply over the top if I feel like a lizard (highly unlikely). Honestly though, LUSH are on top of the pigmented lip products IMO. My only nit pick about this product is now the tube has broken on me twice!! It’s not so bad though ‘cos if I take it in store they’ll exchange it; just a pain cos I can’t use it as much as I’d like :(.

Can you recommend any lip tints?




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