January Favourites 2017

Woah, the first faves of 2017. What have I been loving since my last favourites (… a while ago). Well, I don’t get paid until January so more than buying new things and testing them, it has been rediscovering old things that I’ve tossed in my makeup drawer.
I did a big clean out of it too at the beginning of the month, purging out of date products and ultimately making room for new ones – lets not beat around the bush.

My skin has been super dry this month too, I guess it is mainly down to the weather taking a turn into absolute freezing temperatures. I think I might do a skincare routine post? Let me know if you’d like to see it!

First up, where would I be without lipstick? Since I usually either cba with a base or my skin is too dry for one to look nice, I rely on lipstick to bring that pop of colour and ‘done up’ look – so I don’t look as tired and/or homeless. A lipstick I’d put aside and not really thought much of for aggeeees was No7 Stay Perfect in 505, Auburn Whisper. It’s a muted dusty rose pink and is really flattering on my skin tone. This formula is one of my favourites for a long lasting lip – it really does last a long time, and is transfer proof to a point. For the price point and the fact it’s cruelty free I think its a brilliant lipstick.


Staying with the No7 theme I’ve rekindled my love for the Stay Perfect, Shade and Define cream eye shadows in both Velvet Truffle and Coffee Bean. I like to use these both as a smudged out eyeliner, just to give a bit of definition. They really do stay perfect all day; I suggest doing one eye at a time ‘cos once these are dry they aren’t budging all day!


I don’t think I could write a monthly favourites this month without mentioning my saving grace; Hemp Heavy Duty Face Protector. This is just a must if you’ve got really dry skin. I use it both day and night and my skin is repairing, slowly but surely. The sales assistant said it had been discontinued but people were so annoyed, they had to bring it back, so clearly I’m onto a winner here. It is heavy but it doesn’t leave that horrid grease layer over skin, my skin just isn’t gasping for some moisture afterwards.


 Out of curiosity, if you know of any cruelty free cream eye shadows please let me know!name


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