February Favourites 2017

Spring? Is it nearly here? Purleeaase! This month I am thoroughly sick of the dark mornings and sluggish weather. Needless to say, with this going on I still managed to pick some monthly favourites; ever the optimist.


Vitamin E. Who would have thought it could be so lovely for skin? Obviously not me or I wouldn’t have waited until I was 22 to find out.

I’ve had The Body Shop’s Vitamin E cleanser and Vitamin E moisturiser for a while now (along with the oil and eye cube lol) and by gosh, it’s some good shit. As you all probably know by now, my skin is a literal nightmare. It can be fine for weeks, then BAM; eczema all up in here.

The Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash is so gentle and leaves my face feeling super soft – but at the same time because it foams up THE TINIEST BIT, it leaves my face feeling super clean and fresh. I’ve actually ran out of a tube and bought some more; usually I’ll just find something new to try, so repurchasing it really says something!

Onto the Vitamin E moisturiser. Wowza. It really sinks in quick, and it leaves my skin with a glow – which for my super dry and dehydrated skin is quite the feat. The only downside is, if I’m having an eczema flare it’s just not strong enough for the really dry patches and since it soaks in so fast it doesn’t protect my face from the elements for long either. But 100% brilliant for when my skin is good, I’m gonna get my use out of it this spring. Turns out, it’s one of TBS’s bestsellers, I can see why.


I feel like this post is TBS mad, but I recently got my little fingers on their brand new Eye Colour Stick in Cyprus Bronze and when I’ve been wearing makeup, this is the ONLY eyeshadow I’ve been using. It lasts all day without creasing, which I do suffer from. It blends so, so nicely – like, I just use my finger, I don’t even need a brush. Being a pretty low maintenance eye makeup gal, this is right up my street. I’ve tried loads of eye shadow sticks and this is 100% my fave and I defo need to pick up the other shades too.


Last but never least I’ve got a spot gel for ya’ll – that works! So, my friends Rebecca is my go to when I’ve got troubled skin, she knows her shit. Recently I had a major flare up (choc and cheese related lol) and I asked her if she had any good products. She recommended the Dead Sea Spa Magik Spot-On Gel and OMFG, it is fabulous. I put it on a spot and it is literally half the size in a day – after one use! I’ve been using it on pimples I feel coming, and they just don’t even bother rearing their ugly head now. Thanks Becca for showing me this gem!!


What are your faves this month? Have you used any of these products?




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