Turtle Bay: Middlesbrough

Last week I got together with my fave blogging gals and headed into Middlesbrough town to attend a VIP preview night for the BRAND NEW Turtle Bay that has just opened in our town centre.

As soon as I arrived I was asked if I’d like a cocktail, obviously I said yes. All evening we were waited on hand an foot. The staff were one of the best parts of the evening IMO. I’ve never been for food/drinks and had the staff blow me away with bubbly friendliness and helpfulness – the phrase ‘going the extra mile’ really applied to them.

The newly refurbished restaurant looked a million pounds. It has a circle bar so people can sit and be sociable around, but also we could see all the alcohol they had… they have over 40 different types of rum! I didn’t even know there were that many if I’m honest! The theme throughout the restaurant is lots of vibrant colours and a Caribbean feel.

I especially loved the ‘Welcome to Bridge Town’ wall with the transporter, bringing a bitta the ‘boro to Turtle Bay!



We were treated to a wide variety of things off the menu, and of course the staff helped us find appropriate cocktails for each dish!


I love the jerk chicken and ribs, the popcorn is something so different. Not the typical sweet popcorn but still delicious. I don’t usually like sweet corn but I tried one of the sweet corn fritters and I quite liked it! Everything I tried had a kick to it, but it was fine -my mouth didn’t burn off.  The flavours of food over the veggie and meat board were phenomenal, bright and a treat for my taste buds!

They even treated us to a Turtle bay inspired Parmo!!!! If you’re from the Boro, you’ll get why that is so good – if not… think fried chicken, bechamel sauce and CHEEEEEESE! Seriously, whats not to like?


I have a huge sweet tooth and the desserts did not disappoint. We got a taster platter so we could all get a little taste of each dessert.


 The brownie was a firm favourite on our table, but of course we polished off the lot!

I really would recommend Turtle Bay, whether you’re heading out for just a few cocktails or for food and drinks – it has the warmest welcome and I will for sure be taking allllll of my friends!

Have you ever been to a Turtle Bay? 



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