My Current Skincare

I am skincare mad. Skincare obsessed. A skincare addict. There, I’ve said it. Skincare to me, is THE most important thing in how my skin looks and 100% more important to me than makeup. I mean my makeup is gonna look shit if my skin does – its the base, isn’t it? 

I’ve been really into looking after my skin from a young age, probably about 12 or 13 when I started to get eczema on my face. Then it was just a face cream, now 10 years on it’s a lot more – I’m talking the full shebang. I’m in it for the long haul. It’s taken me a long time to find skincare that my skin likes, obviously everyone has different skin and mine changes with the weather too. As of late (6 months) I’ve found a routine that really works well for me. Depending on the state of my skin I can add in extras or drop them out accordingly – but the essentials stay the same.

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range for about a year now and it really does work well for my dry, dehydrated skin. Vitamin E is a well known skin healer. It helps slow the ageing process, reduce discolouration and help keep the skin hydrated and plumped.


The cleanser is amazing – it’s gentle, effective and there isn’t any frills or false hopes attached. It’s a cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin or break me out! I’ve been using it with my Magnitone Barefaced for the past 6 months, and my skin is the best it’s been since I was a fresh faced 15 year old. The pair work well together in cleaning my skin really well but not drying it out, which is literally a dream for me.

Once I’ve cleansed, maybe once or twice a week I will exfoliate and then I use the St Ives Fresh Skin I like this one because it’s gentle but got loads of bits in, some physical exfoliators are lacking in the amount of bits!!! If I’m feeling really flakey still (it does happen) I’ll go in with The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. It’s grossly amazing, I can feel the dead skin rubbing off!!! This combo makes my skin so soft, smooth and glowy.


Back to the bedroom, I spray and tone with Botanics Rosewater Spritz. It gently tones my skin, without drying it and this particular one is 100% organic! I use this morning and night. A new addition to the morning routine is the Avéne Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum. It’s an extra hydrating boost for my skin, and it seems to be just what it needed! I then use the Vitamin E Cooling Eyes Cube, followed by the Vitamin E Moisturiser – both from The Body Shop.

At night I have the same cleansing and toning routine, but then I just use The Ordinary Rosehip Oil (featured in my last faves click here). It keeps the moisturise in my skin overnight. Since I’ve started using this my skin tone has been much more even and plump. It’s becoming one of those ‘ride or die’ products.


Once a week I will use a mask, either Lush Mask of Magniminty or a Boots Sheet Mask. These just help with 1. me feeling better cos I deserve a pamper and 2. whatever my skin issue is that week.

Okay, I think this is all I use. Do you use anything similar? Or recommend anything to add to my collection?



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